About me

👋 Hi, I'm a backend developer from Girona, Catalonia.

💻 I'm working at GNA Hotel Solutions to provide our clients the best backend code I can. I'm a developer for 4 years now. I started to learn with ASP.NET and Django, but I felt in love with Laravel at the first line of code and never looked back.

🎓 I'm constantly learning new stuff about programming styles and patterns. Mostly focused on the PHP world, but I'm doing some steps into the frontend too. I bought a few courses from Adam Wathan and Wes Bos in the last year. Finally I bought a lifetime Laracasts subscription the last december and can't be happier with all the content it has.

❤️ I enjoy building web apps with Laravel and Vue.js. I used to develop API's at my previous job and totally loved it, but now I'm more into console commands and backends too.

🌐 I'm starting contributing to the Open Source Community. The code of this blog is my first contribution, followed by a few small packages focused to a Laravel application.

📺 I'm following Game of Thrones (like everyone else), but also The Man in The High Castle, Startup and Electric Dreams from Prime Video.

📚 I'm currently reading Artemis by Andy Weir. I already read his first book The Martian which I consider a masterpiece. I'm planning to read The Man In The High Castle, since I enjoyed the TV show a lot. I'm a fan of The Name of The Wind by [Pattrick Rothfuss]. I read Harry Potter books a tons of times and enjoyed Tales from Earthsea a lot.

🕒 I'm still searching a project to try Laravel Horizon but no luck for me 😅