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Maintaining Laravel notification channels - OneSignal

Last week, Freek Van Der Herten tweeted about seeking maintainers for a package on GitHub

Laravel Notification Channels are a group of packages related to interacting with external APIs in order to send messages or notifications via SMS, Web push, Chats... This one is dedicated to interact with OneSignal API.

I never maintained a package as huge as this one before. To be honest, I have a few repositories on GitHub and they all together adds zero downloads (excluding my own). But is something I always wanted to do. I mean, Open Source community gives us so much without expecting anything in return and we, most of the time, just install that package and use it. Sometimes we even blame the author when something doesn't work as expected, I did it once and now I feel terrible about it.

So I told Freek on that GitHub issue that I'll be glad to help with this and, to my luck, Lukas Kämmerling also wanted it to.

He is really helpful with this, he already used the package and understood at first glance the problems the users of the package was having. He also know about all that Open Source stuff and helps me to understand it.

I hope we can continue this maintenance and improving the package for a long time 🙂

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