Identifying the slowest tests in PHPUnit

Do you want to know which are the tests that take the longest time to run in your application test suite? I do, so I built a code to check that out.

My Year's Retrospective: 2019

This is the second time I do a year retrospective. Trying to keep this kind of posts as an habit.

Jumping into the Front-end

This is my first step into the Javascript post jQuery era.

My Year's Retrospective: 2018

I'll try to take a look back to my year and try to improve for the next one. Starting this year I plan to make this a habit.

A Chatbot for OhDear!

What I've learned about creating a chatbot to query the OhDear site API.

Laravel Multitenancy: Route Model Binding

This time we will learn how to increment our app security when using Laravel's top feature Route Model Binding in a multitenancy project.

Solving my own needs with code

Being able to solve my own needs is the best thing of being a developer. I'm doing it almost since day one, but it's now that I realise it's paying off.

Laravel Multinenacy: Jobs

Don't be afraid to extend the core to fit your project needs. That's a very important lesson that took me too long to learn.

The importance of test consistency

As an amateur test writer, I'm facing a common bug related to dates.

A different way to test your Jobs

Starting with Laravel's Queue system, this was the way I used to test the content of the job.

Running old sites in Laravel Valet - Environment Variables

New is good, but sometimes you need to touch that legacy code you have nightmares with.

Creating a ChatBot with BotMan

I use this framework for my own benefit and it feels so great!

Maintaining Laravel notification channels - OneSignal

Making my first step on the way of the Open Source Software.

Adding View models to a Laravel project

Trying to use this design pattern I've discovered in .NET a few years ago.

Building my own blog

I build just another blog management system to match my needs. Spoiler - it's not this one since I switched to Dieter Stinglhamber project on GitHub

Got any hints?
No, I'm afraid not.
However if you search within yourself, then...
Cut it out, ok?
I asked for a hint not the crazy philosophies of a Father Christmas look-a-like.
Heed my words, bold adventurer, and your path will lead to wisdom and..
There's just no reasoning with him...
I'm totally stuck as what to do.
I really wish I could help you but I'm just a clueless old fool.
Never a truer word was spoken.
Still clueless?
I'm afraid so.
Still look like a Father Christmas?
I'm afraid so.
Calypso from Fleur de Lys Simon The Sorcerer